Monday, 25 August 2014

What's in my August Glossybox

Well this months Glossybox (UK) arrived last week, and I am loving the matte pale pink box! It's usually a glossy one (like the name!) but this month it was this very sophisticated looking beauty. If you're new to hearing about Glossybox, they send a box out a month at the cost of £10.00 and it has a selection of beauty products. Some are full sized products, some items will be samples.

Really impressed with the selection of beauty products I received in this months box. I got a mini Figs & Rouge hand cream, a Yves Rocher nail polish, a sample of Lalique perfume, a Kryolan highlighter, Comfort Zone cleansing milk, and a sample size bottle of Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - which is not pictured as I can't find where I've put it! Oops!

Out of everything, this Kryolan for Glossybox Highlighter is my favourite item. It's lightweight but lasts really well and gives a gorgeous glowing shine to wherever you apply it, be it cheekbones, lips or browbones. You can use this wherever you want a glossy shine. I will be using this most days!
Second favourite out of my glossybox is this cleansing milk. It feels really moisturising and helps clean away makeup and any other stuff you want off your face. And there's loads of it, what a huge bottle!
The L'amour Lalique perfume sample is gorgeous and a delicate scent, it's just a shame it's only a tiny sample.
I wasn't too impressed with the bottle of Yves Rocher nail polish I got unfortunately. It is a nice shade (Rose) and came just at the right time as I wanted a new pink polish. However (as you can kind of see in the photo) it was slightly gunky, almost like it was an old bottle that had been left open at somepoint. It didn't brush onto my nails that well and cracked within hours. Perhaps it was just old stock though, and at £3.60 a bottle (according to the price card in my box), I'm willing to try out another from their website at some time.

I haven't tried this Figs & Rouge hand cream yet, but fingers crossed (heh!) it's a nice as others have said!

And of course, because I'm a bit silly, the Philip Kingsley elasticizer isn't pictured. I have used it though and it did make my hair feel bouncier and give it extra shine.

So that's what was in my glossybox this month! Off for a cup of tea now.
Rachel xx

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Meet Boots

This is our gorgeous cat, Boots! We adopted him about two years ago (it could be more, time flies!) as the family he lived with could no longer keep him. I saw his ad online, he was going for free to a good home, but we rent and aren't supposed to keep pets. A week or so passed and we spoke to our landlord who said he was happy for us to get a cat, yay! I went back online and contacted Boots' owner and he was still looking for a home (which is mad because look how cute he is!) and so a few days later Chris (my husband) went and collected Boots. And he's been a part of our family ever since! He's a fairly chilled out cat, but when he feels like playing he's quite a sneaky little monster and will hide and stalk and then pounce when you least expect it (normally when I'm walking from the kitchen with a cup of tea) but he never scratches so that's good! He's also quite independent and goes out to play lots, and will ignore us until he decides he wants cuddles and, more importantly, food.
Today he's all snuggly and is trying to get my attention, so off I go for cuddles!

Rachel xx

Saturday, 23 August 2014

A must have for coloured hair

This little beauty is Joico K-Pak deep penetrating reconstructor

I use this after I've bleached my hair to add protein to my hair to make it a bit stronger. It's helped save my hair a few times when I've accidently fried the ends. It's fantastic and smells yummy (a bit like bananas I think!) although not to be used too often as too much protein can be a bad thing. Definitely a must have for anyone that regularly bleaches or lightens their hair!