Thursday, 27 October 2016

Cute wishlist

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Monday, 24 October 2016

Here are a few of my favourite films

 This post includes affiliate links

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, I find I watch a lot more films while snuggled up under a big blanket. My best friend regularly comes round for a film night in the colder months, where we'll eat junk food and pop some candles on while we watch something good (or so bad it's good!). We would probably do this in the summer months too, but it gets far too hot inside! So here's my list of some of my most favourite things to watch. I hope you enjoy!

The 'Burbs

Such a fantastic '80s film, with Tom Hanks living the surburban life, whilst becoming increasingly convinced that there is something morbid going on with the new neighbours. Full of laughs!

Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring

I first watched this when I was at home from school ill with the flu. A friend lent me the dvd as it had just come out. I had never seen anything like it and was in awe of the whole thing. The story, the visuals, the music. I loved seeing the hobbits in their homes at the beginning, and the scenes in Rivendell were beautiful. I didn't expect to love it so much and I was hooked.

 The Princess Bride

I first watched this when I was very young, and loved the fantasy, the princess, the love story. Then as I got older I loved it for it's humour, its tongue in cheek moments, it's action (and of course still the fantasy, love and Princess Buttercup!).

Fern Gully

Another film that I fell in love with at a young age. I credit this film for giving me my desire to understand about nature, pollution, and trying to protect the world we live in. The songs are fun, and includes great voice acting from Tim Curry and Robin Williams.

Little Women

A heartwarming tale of the March sisters. Based on the book by Louisa May Alcott. I find this a very emotional film, even more so as I am one of four sisters myself. And we also used to put on little plays in our spare time, with my sisters often saying I was very much like Jo. Great film, with a strong cast. 

I have so many more films that I love, but these few are my ultimate favourites!
Rachel xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Today was a pain day

Today I wasn't feeling too great thanks to my Joint Hypermobility Syndrome flaring up, causing me lots of pain. So I mostly stayed at home and just had some me time. I did my makeup, listened to a few chapters of an audiobook, watched some AbFab, and played on the 3ds. Here's a few photos from today.

Rachel xx

Oh Halloween tree, Oh Halloween tree
Feeling cosy

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

TOTM organic cotton pads review

*I was sent these items to review but all opinions are my own

TOTM (time of the month) make organic cotton tampons, pads, and liners. These are biodegradable, hypoallergenic and contain no harmful chemicals or perfumes. You can buy from their website and they come delivered in discreet packaging You can now also buy their products at Ocado.

So the first thing I noticed about the pads, was that the wrapper was so quiet to remove. Great for when you're trying to change them discreetly! The pads stay in place easily, and I have a medium to heavy flow and had no leaking issues. These are also super soft, I'm assuming because of them being cotton. They were so comfortable to wear, which of course is what you want when you're on your period.

I would 100% recommend TOTM!

Rachel xx

Sunday, 9 October 2016

ASOS accessories

 So I bought these super cute items from ASOS. They only took 4 days to arrive at mine, and were packaged in nice black cardboard jewellery boxes with the ASOS logo.
Here I am wearing my new reclaimed vintage star choker, and this very sparkly rose gold plated bar which I've fitted in my helix piercing. I've had so many compliments already on them both, but especially the choker. I'm feeling all '90s wearing it right now!

Rachel xx

Friday, 7 October 2016

Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant

*I was sent this item to review, and all opinions are my own.

I was sent this natural lavender scented deodorant from Earth Conscious. These are made from 100% natural ingredients, are cruelty free, and the lavender one is also vegan. The others contain beeswax, but this one has Jojoba instead.  The deodorants come in a pot and are in paste form, and you use your fingers to apply. Easy to apply and much more environmentally friendlier than an aerosol can.

I've been using this for a few weeks now, I wanted to give it a good trial before writing about it. I love the lavender scent, it's not too strong, but rather a nice light scent. It's easy to apply, just put a small amount on your fingertips and apply. It kept my underarms dry all day, smelling fresh, and feeling really soft! One of the great things about this natural deodorant is that I didn't have to wait for it to dry at all, there's no worry of it getting on my clothing or anything.  The packaging is compact enough to pop it in my handbag or clutch bags with no problems. Once I've used it all up, I can clean out the pot and reuse it as a trinket pot, another bonus! I fully intend on buying more once I have used up my deodorant, but I am hopeful that Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant will make some other vegan scents. The full range of their current deodorants are - Lavender (vegan), citrus, tropical, and a pure deodorant.

Rachel xx