Sunday, 29 January 2017

Outfit of the day 28th January

Today's look was casual but cute! I wore my go to h&m grey skater dress, underneath a black sweater which was a gift. I teamed these up with suspender style tights and metallic high tops from ASOS.


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

It's my party and I'll dye if I want to

I haven't dyed my hair in so long, and really fancied a nice change. It's also my 30th birthday on Friday, so the perfect time to go all bright and colourful for my birthday celebrations!

I covered my scalp and hair in coconut oil, to give it a little bit of protection. Had to warm it a little to get it to melt, as it is freezing cold at the moment, and it solidifies in cold temperatures. I used Schwarzkopf Live Absolute Platinum to dye my dark hair blonde. I used two boxes to cover my hair, my hair is deceptively thick! It doesn't look it, but there is just so much hair and one box of dye just won't cover well.

My hair lifted to an orange blonde in the lengths, a little lighter on the roots. This was fine for me as I wanted to go pink. I'd originally hoped for pastels but decided I didn't want to wait another month to be able to lighten again to get my base pale enough. I popped Directions Flamingo Pink hair dye on my hair, and diluted it a little with a white conditoner for my roots.

I love it! It's much brighter in natural daylight, but these photos show how it's a nice pink on top, going in to a sort of cherry pink on the lengths. I'm also really happy with how fast my hair has grown lately!
So now I have the pink princess hair I wanted for my birthday at the weekend. Now to cover it in glitter and I'm all set!


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Sylvanian Families ice cream shop review

Here we have the Seaside Ice Cream Shop, and the Grey Cat Family.

We were very excited to receive this Sylvanian Families set to review with my daughter, Evie, who is 6. She was beyond excited when we opened the box, as she has never played with any Sylvanian Families toys before!

What's in the box?
With the Grey Cat Family you get a mummy, a daddy, brother and sister cat. Evie said she loved their striped faces, and their whiskers. She loves that they look quite a lot like real animals, and that the arms and legs can be moved. She loves making them able to sit down or hold things.

The Seaside Ice Cream Shop is an amazing set. It comes with over 25 pieces. It was easily assembled, it took only around 5 minutes, and the stickers are all included to add on to the furniture. The set also included a Striped Cat Mother figure, the owner of the shop.

 Playing with this set has really bought out Evie's imagination. Already her cats have gone on some long adventures, always ending with a trip to their local ice cream shop - aren't they lucky! She loves using the spoons and bowls to serve up the ice creams to her cats. You can also create different 'flavours' with lots of the colourful ice cream scoops provided. Evie placed them all on to one come the other day, it was taller than the cat family could hold, which she found hilarious! It's so great to see Evie get so much enjoyment out of this toy set, and it's great fun to play it together as a family.


Monday, 16 January 2017

Disney dvd day

Today is a rainy miserable day, and partnered with the fact that my chronic illness is playing up and I'm feeling sick, I have decided to have a duvet day! I've got my Queen of Hearts large soft plush that I got years ago from the Disney store (before my nearest branch closed down, boo). She's ace for cuddles. I've also got two of my favourite Disney films to watch. You can't go wrong with Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. So that's my plans for today, a nice relaxing Disney day!


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

You need this in your makeup bag

*I was sent this item to review, all opinions are my own

Introducing the Shadow Switch from Beauty Essentials, the easiest way to clean your eyeshadow brushes. I love this, it's great for when you're wanting to wear different shades and want to clean the brush quickly. This also stops me from getting my shadows all mixed up with the previous colour that has been on my brush.
It's simple to use. Press your brush on to the Shadow Switch, and rotate the brush in a circle until the colour has gone!

The results, a powder free brush ready for it's next colour!

It's a great product, and an ideal fit for taking out and about!


Monday, 2 January 2017

Big thanks to the PDSA

 This is my beautiful boy Boots. I've mentioned him before, and if you follow me on instagram you'll have seen many photos of him by now! We adopted him when he was 1, and he is now 6 years old. Three years ago, he went out to play for a short while. When he returned about an hour later, he was more cuddly than normal. Purring away and jumping up on to my lap, I realised he was hurt and bleeding from his side. He was purring due to being in pain. We called the PDSA who after a short talk on the phone and after providing our details, asked us to bring Boots down for a check over to see what was wrong & how they could help him. Very out of character for him, Boots quickly got in to his cat carrier, and my husband Chris drove him to our local PDSA vet. Once there, the vet cleaned the wound and after taking a look, he explained that it was a much deeper wound than it looked and boots would need an operation and stitches. He stayed in over night, and they operated the next morning. After he recovered and was checked to make sure he was ok, he came home. I had put down a duvet for him in the front room and as soon as he stepped out of his carrier he laid down and went to sleep. We were given tablets for  Boots to take to prevent infection, he had a cone to wear, and we were told if anything concerned us to call the PDSA again. Within a week though, Boots was pretty much back to his normal self.

We never found out how Boots got his injury, the assumption is that he had jumped and landed on something very sharp. Thankfully for us all, the PDSA helped to save Boots and we are forever grateful. As we were on a lower income at the time we were also able to get the treatment Boots needed for free with the proof required, and a donation. If you would like to know more about what the PDSA do, and how you can help them continue their great work, the website is