Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Pretty new body jewellery

I haven't changed up my piercing jewellery in so long. I really fancied a change for a while but didn't see anything that I really liked. Then I saw ThrowBackAnnie and oh my goodness they have so many pretty things! I ordered a purple septum clicker, I usually just wear silver jeweled ones or a plain silver ring. I'm really happy with the bright colour on this one, it's nice and vibrant. I also ordered a small opal nose stud, and a matching opal labret bar. I recently lost my plain labret bar, so it's nice to have some jewellery back in there before it tries to heal over! Opals are truly gorgeous so I'm really happy to have found a shop selling opal body jewellery.

I was really impressed with how fast my order was dispatched, and how quickly it arrived. The packaging was pretty awesome - a silver holographic bag! I didn't get any photos though as I was so excited to open my order. I know I will definitely be a repeat customer, so next time I'll try and get a shot of that packaging!


Thursday, 22 June 2017

Recent baby buys

If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you will have seen that I am pregnant! I am 13 weeks today. It's all very exciting, Dylan and Evie are so happy to be expecting a baby brother or sister for Christmas (due the 28th) and I'm very happy to finally be over the sickness. Now that we have had our scan, I'm happily buying baby things here and there.

This beautiful badger vest is from The Wishbone Collective. I love all of the things from this shop, but decided on this one for starters. It's just so cute and I absolutely love badgers.

 We've always bought Winnie the Pooh items for our babies, so when I saw this sleeping bag from George at Asda, I knew I had to get it! I love the hint of yellow colours in this one.

 This knitted cardigan is also from George at Asda. It will be perfect for baby as it is due in the winter. Love the little bear ears on the hood!


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Throwback to fun photoshoot

Way back in 2012, I paid to have some fun photos taken by Jessica Augarde. I had just gotten over a massive knee dislocation and was wanting something to cheer me up. I adore these photos and how creative Jessica was with the shots and setting everything up.


Saturday, 10 June 2017

How I decorated my crutches

 I have the standard grey coloured NHS crutches. And although they are good for helping me walk, I hated how bland they looked! I am a person who just loves glitter, bright colours, anything holographic. So I decided, you know what, I'm going to make my crutches pretty!

I went on eBay, and found a store that sells lots of colours of colourful and glittery tape. I chose a thicker tape,described as hula hoop tape. There really were so many colours to choose from, but I decided on a silver holographic tape. I ordered a few rolls to make sure I had enough.

It took me hardly any time at all to apply the tape to my crutches. I popped on netflix and just took my time. Gotta admit, it was so much fun just playing with pretty tape, and there was a part of me that thought "OK, were else can we put this in the house?" haha!

I love how well it worked. People are always quite surprised when I say it's just sticky tape covering them. They are so sparkly in the sunshine too!


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A walk around Oldbury Court Estate

We went for a lovely walk through Oldbury Court Estate in Fishponds during the half term. The kids love playing in the park, and when it gets really busy we like to all go and have a nice walk through the woods and down to the river.


Saturday, 3 June 2017

Wicked Vision sonic booma review

We had a great time playing with the sonic booma sent to us from Wicked Vision. It got the kids out and playing throughout this half term which has been ideal. Even when it's been a bit rainy, Dylan & Evie have wanted to go to the park to play with it!

When you throw the sonic booma boomerang it makes a noise that according to the kids is "really really cool" and "like a funny bird sound!". It took a bit of practice to get it to return to us, but it was so much fun even when it just flew far and made it's whistling sound. One of the great things about this boomerang, is that you can slightly bend the wings for a lower flight.

Or keep the wings as they are and see how high it can fly!

This is the perfect item for getting you out of the house, and is just so much fun for all!