Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Evie's gift for our baby

Dylan and Evie are both really excited about having a new brother. With baby being due in December it's not really that long to go now! We went in to our local Mothercare recently as I wanted to buy a few essentials that were currently in the sales, and of course have a good browse.

Evie saw this gorgeous unicorn and told us that she really wanted us to get it for the baby, as a gift from her. She said she just knows he will love it, because who doesn't love a unicorn? She's not wrong! I am so happy at how much both of the kids love this little baby, and it's so cute that Evie wanted to buy a gift. I am loving the pastel colours, I honestly think this is the most beautiful unicorn I have ever seen.

We are starting to decorate our room next week, getting it ready for the baby's arrival. We need to repaint, and then rearrange furniture so that the cot will fit. Then this beautiful unicorn will sit in the cot, waiting for baby! Obviously when he is born this will be more room decor or us holding it and playing with it with the baby until the baby is a bit older. I wouldn't want to risk him getting the fluffy tail in his mouth.

This gorgeous plush unicorn cost £12 and is available here.
Oh and the best part? When we looked at the little tag around it's neck, we saw that the Unicorn was called Evie!


Sunday, 27 August 2017

Cartoons from my childhood

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Here's a list of some of the cartoons I absolutely loved when I was little. We had most of these on VHS, and some of them me and my sisters watched on the TV before and after school. Some of these I have watched with my own children, and they are still as good as I remember!   


                               Dr Snuggles

                               Fraggle Rock
The Animals of Farthing Wood
The Raggy Dolls
                               Garfield & Friends

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Dylan and Evie's cuddly toys

Dylan and Evie really wanted me to show you all some of their favourite cuddly toys. So here they are! We do love cuddly toys and plushies in this house. Their two fave ones aren't in this photo as they are so played with that they needed a good wash in the washing machine and were not dry yet!

So up first we have mermaid Hello Kitty. Evie got this one last year, I think from Father Christmas but none of us can quite remember. Evie is a massive Hello Kitty fan and has a few of the different cuddly ones.

Then we have Tabor the white tiger TY beanie. Evie got this just last week from Hawkins Bazaar. It's so soft! She's been taking it everywhere. I've had to talk her out of having it sat next to her at tea times, I just know it'd end up with food all over it.

Heffalump! I got this years ago for both Dylan and Evie when they were really little, like baby and toddler sized. It's looking a little tired now but still gets played with, althouth mainly by Evie now.

Then last but not least, we have Tauri the cat TY beanie. This one is Dylan's that he also bought from Hawkins Bazaar. He loves this cat so much! Dylan's favourite animal are cats, anything with a cat on and he wants it. Tauri is super soft. I love the glittery eyes that Tauri and Tabor have.

My Minnie Mouse cushion is also in this photo. Although not a cuddly toy, it is very cuddly and I love it! I got this from Primark a little while back.

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Vinyl figure wishlist

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These are my favourite and most wanted pop! vinyl figures at the moment. Do you own any pop! vinyl figures, and if so which ones? Which ones are you hoping to collect in the future?

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Recent Barry M purchase

I have been a big massive fan of Barry M for so many years, and probably always will be! I haven't treated myself to any new makeup from them in a little while, so while I was out and about in town the other week I decided to buy a few things that caught my eye.

So many pretties to choose from in the shops, but these are all items I had not yet tried.
Here I have;
  • Gelly nail paint - Green Berry
  • Glitter Rush body glitter - Desert Bronze
  • Fine Glitter Dust - Crimson Pink
  • Lip Liner - Toast
The green berry nail varnish is such a lovely colour. I feel so summery with it on! I found it doesn't chip too easily either which is brilliant. I also found it to be pretty quick drying, again brilliant. I am one of these people that will pop a coat of nail paint on and then immediately my body will decide I need to pee. Which is a bit of a nightmare with wet nails.

I like to put the desert bronze body glitter over my bronzer on my face, and then add a little to my collar bones. It's so shimmery but not as full on as other thicker glitters. But when the light hits it, wow!

I flippin' love the crimson glitter dust! I have been using it as an eyeshadow but just actually read on the sticker on the bottom it is not for eyes - oops! I also like to use this as a very sparkly blusher/highlight.

The toast lip liner I had planned on using with my nude matte lipsticks. However I have mostly been using it on it's own, colouring my lips entirely with it as if it were a lipstick. It's such a gorgeous colour, doesn't dry my lips out as much as some of my matte lip colours I own, and as it's a lip liner, it doesn't budge easily!

Oh Barry M, as always, I heart you!


Friday, 11 August 2017

Dylan and Evie's toy shop wish list

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This is Dylan and Evie's current toy shop wish list. Every week we draw up a chart, which they get stickers on for helping out (tidying away their toys and such) and being good. At the end of the week they get a few pounds to put in their money boxes. These are their most wanted items at the moment that they are saving up their money with the aims of buying for themselves. They love saving up their money, and then going out to buy something that they've been working towards getting. It gives them a real sense of achievement and they're so proud of themselves! 

Rachel xx