Sunday, 24 August 2014

Meet Boots

This is our gorgeous cat, Boots! We adopted him about two years ago (it could be more, time flies!) as the family he lived with could no longer keep him. I saw his ad online, he was going for free to a good home, but we rent and aren't supposed to keep pets. A week or so passed and we spoke to our landlord who said he was happy for us to get a cat, yay! I went back online and contacted Boots' owner and he was still looking for a home (which is mad because look how cute he is!) and so a few days later Chris (my husband) went and collected Boots. And he's been a part of our family ever since! He's a fairly chilled out cat, but when he feels like playing he's quite a sneaky little monster and will hide and stalk and then pounce when you least expect it (normally when I'm walking from the kitchen with a cup of tea) but he never scratches so that's good! He's also quite independent and goes out to play lots, and will ignore us until he decides he wants cuddles and, more importantly, food.
Today he's all snuggly and is trying to get my attention, so off I go for cuddles!

Rachel xx

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