Sunday, 14 September 2014

Goodbye pink and yellow, hello black and green!

I'd been longing for black hair again for quite a while and the other day I finally went back to it! My natural hair colour is pretty close to black, so it'll be nice not to have to think about root regrowth. I kept the bits that were dyed yellow, and some random streaks that were pink, and put Directions Turquoise over them. The streaks came out greeny turquoise, a teal colour in places, and dark green, which is exactly what I wanted. Yay! Before I tried the black I decided to try a brown dye over the pink but it just didn't suit me. I used Adore Chocolate Brown which came out a nice reddy brown (more red than it should be because it was over the bright pink), but I was still longing for a darker colour. The black dye I used is Directions Ebony, as I didn't want to use a permanent. It came out really nice and covered the previous dye well. Fingers crossed it doesn't fade too much!

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