Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Pink and yellow hair times

So I got new hair colours a few weeks ago! I bleached my roots as they hadn't been done in about 4 months (maybe longer) and that took out most of my remaining purple when I rinsed the bleach off. Then I mixed half a pot of Directions Carnation Pink and Directions Flamingo pink, and diluted slightly with some white conditioner. I also did some small sections with Directions Bright Daffodil yellow.  (Bone hair clip is available from my Glitterpix Accessories)

I really love how the colours turned out but I'm lusting after a different colour already. I just don't think these colours are for me right now! So I may be changing it up in a day or two! 
And the gorgeous glitter bow crown headband is from my wonderful friend, Janine Basil!

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