Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Feeling Christmassy!

Christmas Christmas Christmas! I'm ridiculously excited already! I love it, I love the whole run up to it. I love the day itself, I love boxing day and new years. Yay Christmas! Decorating the house in twinkly sparkly things, cosy warm jumpers, nice warm foods, spending time with the family. It's pretty great. So because I'm pretty mad on the xmas season, I do tend to start buying things quite early on! These are my fav buys so far.
I got the gorgeous glittery Father Christmas snowglobe from Asda (actually I got two because I dropped and smashed the first one!). The Christmas cards are a pack of 15 handcrafted cards with these two designs. They're super glittery and super cute, and again from Asda. I decided I couldn't start the Christmas season without perfect nails, so got a green glitter nail polish by SEVENTEEN, and Barry M's limited edition Christmas nail polish 'Moonlight' - both from Boots.
And  like many, at Christmas time I always have candles burning, or an oil burner going. I've got a gorgeous winter scented Yankee Candle wax tart 'Sunlight on Snow', which I will be burning on the cold wintery nights to stay cosy.

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