Sunday, 8 February 2015

Alien princess mermaid hair?

So this is my new hair colour. I faded out my Directions semi black (I tend to mostly use directions dyes) over a few months which faded to a royal blue kind of colour. I bleached my roots the other day as I haven't done them in months (I was trying to grow out my natural colour, but I am so so grey now!), then toned them with pro:voke touch of silver shampoo. I then mixed turquoise and fluorescent glow but I didn't like the results on me! So the next day I washed that out with head & shoulders which stripped some of the colour. I then mixed half a pot of alpine green and a whole pot of turquoise and diluted it slightly with cheap white conditioner, kept it on my hair for a few hours, and this is the result. I love it! In different lights it's different shades of greeny blue. And my hair has grown so much!