Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Happy very belated Christmas!

Hi people! I just realised that I never got around to doing my Christmas day blog, as I was so busy with my family and then ever since I've been poorly on and off. Nightmare! So here's a very belated Christmas post.
This Christmas we had to get a new tree, as we'd had ours for years and it was now completely broken. Didn't help that the cat kept climbing it last year... So we got a nice green fake tree from B&Q for the living room. We also got a little white iridescent tree (also from B&Q) which we had on
a coffee table.

Our two children helped us decorate it while we listened to Christmas songs, and we put up their decorations that they've made in school and preschool over the years!

Christmas day was awesome! We had a nice cosy day at home with our kids and cat, they happily played with their Christmas presents while me and Chris cooked the dinner.

Got to have a Tia Maria & Diet Coke on Christmas Day!

I got some lovely gifts and here are a few of them.
I always ask for bath and shower stuff, I just love it! So I got lots of new smellies :)

 I got this amazing pyropet candle from a friend, when it burns down it reveals a metal skeleton

So That's a little chunk of my Christmas holiday! Better late than never, eh? xx

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