Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My tips for staying cool in a UK heatwave

I am not a summer person. Give me autumn and winter over spring and summer any day. It's not that I dislike all things summery, it's just that here in the UK it gets so humid and heavy, and it all aggravates my joint hypermobility syndrome. My joints are super SUPER bendy in the heat, but  my stomach goes all bendy too which leads me to spending the majority of the summer feeling like I have morning sickness or an epic hangover. Not much fun. So here are a few of the things I find helpful to stay cool in the summer.

  • Drink water. I know it's nice to have fizzy drinks or alcohol on a hot day, but water is the thing that's going to keep you hydrated. Keep it cool in the fridge if you can
  • Carry a bottle of water when you go out. I buy a 12 pack of the 33cl size bottles of Evian, one of those fits great in my bag when I'm out and about or in a hot car
  • Loose fitting clothes made of light materials are great for letting your skin breathe
  • Wear a nice hat! 
  • Sunglasses won't keep you cool but will protect your eyes
  • On very hot days keep your curtains shut to keep out the suns glare
  • Electric fans. I just got a stand up electric fan from Asda, it's brilliant for in the hot evenings
  • Ice lollies are great!
  • If you are prone to fainting in the heat and need to go out, try to go with a family member/friend that can help incase you do faint
  • Avoid (if possible) going out in the sun at the hottest point in the day
So that's just the things I try to do to keep from getting over heated. If you've got any good tips then let me know! x

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