Saturday, 11 July 2015

Wildcat body jewellery review

I ordered some new jewellery for my piercings from wildcat last week, and they arrived the other day. I got a new nose stud, this one is the steel basicline nostril dome stud, £2.99. I love this nose stud, it's not too big and not too small! I also got my new septum clicker. I've been wanting a septum clicker for years now, and was really impressed to see that Wildcat do affordable clickers that are just as stunning as expensive ones. They have quite a range of different styles and colours of septum clickers too. The one I got was the steel basicline jewelled hinged septum ring, £7.99. I love it! It fits nicely, the white little gems are really pretty when they catch the light, and it disguises my deviated septum ever so slightly. My labret bar I previously bought from Wildcat, and is just a standard labret bar.
I did also order another septum ring but they had very low stock and by the time they got my order through they were sold out so I am waiting for them to get that type restocked.

So to sum up, I am loving my new piercing jewellery! If you're wanting some pretty pieces at affordable prices with a variety of designs, then I suggest Wildcat.

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