Monday, 19 October 2015

Coping with chronic pain

Due to my joint hypermobility syndrome I deal with a lot of pain, but unfortunately pain relief doesn't seem to work for me without bad side effects, so I'm not actually prescribed any pain relief medication at the moment. So I've found little ways of trying to cope with my chronic pain. Obviously if the pain is very extreme or different to what I usually get, I go to A&E or my GP!

A warm bath - I love a warm bath with a Lush bath bomb to relax and take my mind off of things, and ease aches and pains a bit

Hot water bottle/hot wheat bag - I use my hot water bottle daily for pains in my back, I also have a lavender scented wheat bag thingy shaped like a cuddly cat that is ideal for placing around my neck and shoulders

Ice - Ice packs can be good for pains too. I prefer heat, but I use ice for swelling if I've recently had a subluxation or dislocation 

Deep breathing exercises - always great for staying calm 

Netflix - great for distraction, I like to watch comedy shows like The Office or Community when I'm feeling poorly. Or a Christmas film!

Playlist - I have a playlist made up of songs that remind me of happy times that I'll listen, and although it can't make me feel better, it can cheer me up a bit

Audiobooks - another distraction technique, if I'm having to get bed rest because of pain/sickness/injury I'll lay there and listen to audiobooks. Currently replaying Coraline

Books - I love a good book, if I'm well enough to be able to fully concentrate then I'll read. Sometimes I find it difficult to concentrate on reading if I also have pain going on, so then it's back to using audiobooks

Rest - I try to listen to my body and rest it when I need to, although sometimes it can be hard to get time to rest as I have two children

None of these things will take away my pain fully, but they do help me to cope with the chronic pain I suffer with. What sort of things do you do to deal with chronic pain? Feel free to leave a comment with any chronic pain advice!

Rachel xx

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