Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Lush Hair Extensions Deluxe Clip In Extensions

I love hair extensions, and as someone who constantly changes their hair colour, it's important to me to find decent quality hair that can also be dyed using semi permanent hair dyes. So I was very excited when Lush Hair Extensions sent me a set of their Deluxe clip in extensions to review.
The extensions came in a light blonde shade, so that I would be able to dye them with a semi permanent hairdye to match my turquoise coloured hair. This set is the 18" length, and my first impression was "Wow! This hair is so soft and thick!"
So this is my hair before the extensions. A good length but not as long as I'd prefer!
And my hair with the clip in extensions! They took the dye perfectly so I'm really happy with how well they blend with my own hair. They're silky soft and really look lovely and thick. The clips themselves are strong and don't slip down my hair, and are comfortable which means even after wearing them all day, they didn't need rearranging. In fact, after a while I forgot I was even wearing clip ins and almost forgot to take them out at bed time!

I can't wait to try out some fun long hair hairstyles soon.
Rachel xx

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