Monday, 20 June 2016

Little Ondine

For as long as I can remember, I've been a big fan of nail polish. I remember being a little girl and buying my first bottle for the first time - a blue glitter. Over the years I've continued to be drawn to bright nail colours and am always adding to my now rather large collection of different colours, textures, and brands. One problem I have though, is that my nails are quite brittle and using nail polish removers is quite harsh on them, especially if trying to remove glitter. If you have this same problem, then worry no more! Little Ondine nail polishes not only come in a massive variety of colours, but they PEEL OFF when you want to change colours. Leaving your nails happy and ready for the next coat of paint.

Little Ondine will not only keep your nails happy, but are also made from natural ingredients, are cruelty free and vegan, super fast drying, and completely odourless.

The shade I am wearing is Kapow, and I think we can all agree it's a pretty amazing bright green!

Rachel xx

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