Friday, 23 September 2016

Christmas on a budget

It's getting closer to that time of year again. OK, I know a lot of you will be thinking "What? It's only September..." but I like to plan ahead to make Christmas a bit more financially easier for myself. Here are some of my tips for having a great Christmas day with less stress on the wallet!

  • Start early. I get things like wrap, tags, cards & decorations in the summer months when they're all reduced to clear
  • Handmade. Last year we made gifts and tree decorations with our kids. There are lots of fun and easy tutorials on the internet!
  • Second hand. Ebay and charity shops often have some great finds
  • Pound shops. I get a lot of the smaller presents and stocking filler gifts from pound shops. Also great for Christmas mugs, and Christmas cards
  • Sales. Check out online sales throughout the year. I managed to get a new 6ft tree that was marked down to half price, bargain!
  • Price check. Decide what you want to buy and check in a few shops, sometimes you can get it for cheaper when you look around
  • Stick to a budget and shopping list. Don't stray from the list and end up spending way more than you intended (I am guilty of this!)
  • Spread the cost. Buy gifts here and there over the months, rather than try to get everything in one months pay 
  • Don't worry. Remember that it's not all about presents, or how much you can or can't spend. Spending time with loved ones is the best present

Thanks for reading, and I hope this little guide helps someone as much as it helps me every year!
Rachel xx

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