Friday, 11 November 2016

Prestige Flowers review

*I was sent these flowers to review, but my opinions are my own
Let's take a moment to just take in just how absolutely beautiful these flowers are. Stunning aren't they.

This beautiful bouquet is from Prestige Flowers that I was very lucky to have had sent to me. They came in a beautiful gift bag, with the vase, sachet of food for the flowers to enjoy, and chocolate truffles. Also included with the flowers is a great little note telling you how best to look after your flowers, and a reminder that lilies are fatal to cats and can stain furniture and clothing. My flowers arrived quickly, a little bashed due to the delivery man handling my clearly marked 'this way up' box upside down. Luckily they perked up once they'd had some water and the stems cut! The lilies come still in buds, so that they can blossom once you've got them and they'll last that bit longer. Prestige Flowers are easy to order, and are perfect as gifts for birthdays,Christmas Flowers, or just to treat yourself!

Rachel xx

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