Saturday, 17 December 2016

Our favourite family Christmas films

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Here is our list of Christmas films that we absolutely love! In no particular order as it is so hard to choose a favourite. These are our family favourites that are great for us to watch with Dylan and Evie.

  Arthur Christmas
A heartwarming tale of Santa's second son Arthur, trying to deliver a toy to a child that has been missed on Christmas Eve. Produced by Aardman Animations, this film has it all. It's fun, it's got moments of realness in the way families interact, and it's such a warm story. All four of us love this film and we often watch it throughout the year!

Jingle All The Way
I remember watching this as a child and finding it great fun. This stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad. Lots of mishaps and chaos as Arnie's character rushes to find his child the one toy he really wants on Christmas Eve.

Just has to be watched every Christmas doesn't it? This is a rare gem for us as it's a cheesy Christmas film that even my husband will watch and enjoy thank to Will Ferrell's role as Buddy the Elf.

 The Gruffalo
Dylan and Evelyn still love this. It's cosy and relaxing and great for before bedtime.

The Snowman and the Snowdog
Another one that's relaxing and fit for before bedtime calming down time. A great sequel to the original Snowman, this is the story about how a young child's snowman and snow dog come to life. I personally prefer The Snowman, but Dylan and Evie love this one.

What are your favourite family friendly Christmas films?

Rachel xx


  1. Elf is a good choice! and I've not even seen Arthur Christmas... But why is Home alone not even on the list? Its favourite Christmas film of all time :)

    The Yorkshire Gentleman

    1. I think everyone needs to watch Arthur Christmas at some point! Ahh I forgot about Home Alone to be honest haha