Wednesday, 25 January 2017

It's my party and I'll dye if I want to

I haven't dyed my hair in so long, and really fancied a nice change. It's also my 30th birthday on Friday, so the perfect time to go all bright and colourful for my birthday celebrations!

I covered my scalp and hair in coconut oil, to give it a little bit of protection. Had to warm it a little to get it to melt, as it is freezing cold at the moment, and it solidifies in cold temperatures. I used Schwarzkopf Live Absolute Platinum to dye my dark hair blonde. I used two boxes to cover my hair, my hair is deceptively thick! It doesn't look it, but there is just so much hair and one box of dye just won't cover well.

My hair lifted to an orange blonde in the lengths, a little lighter on the roots. This was fine for me as I wanted to go pink. I'd originally hoped for pastels but decided I didn't want to wait another month to be able to lighten again to get my base pale enough. I popped Directions Flamingo Pink hair dye on my hair, and diluted it a little with a white conditoner for my roots.

I love it! It's much brighter in natural daylight, but these photos show how it's a nice pink on top, going in to a sort of cherry pink on the lengths. I'm also really happy with how fast my hair has grown lately!
So now I have the pink princess hair I wanted for my birthday at the weekend. Now to cover it in glitter and I'm all set!


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