Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Sylvanian Families ice cream shop review

Here we have the Seaside Ice Cream Shop, and the Grey Cat Family.

We were very excited to receive this Sylvanian Families set to review with my daughter, Evie, who is 6. She was beyond excited when we opened the box, as she has never played with any Sylvanian Families toys before!

What's in the box?
With the Grey Cat Family you get a mummy, a daddy, brother and sister cat. Evie said she loved their striped faces, and their whiskers. She loves that they look quite a lot like real animals, and that the arms and legs can be moved. She loves making them able to sit down or hold things.

The Seaside Ice Cream Shop is an amazing set. It comes with over 25 pieces. It was easily assembled, it took only around 5 minutes, and the stickers are all included to add on to the furniture. The set also included a Striped Cat Mother figure, the owner of the shop.

 Playing with this set has really bought out Evie's imagination. Already her cats have gone on some long adventures, always ending with a trip to their local ice cream shop - aren't they lucky! She loves using the spoons and bowls to serve up the ice creams to her cats. You can also create different 'flavours' with lots of the colourful ice cream scoops provided. Evie placed them all on to one come the other day, it was taller than the cat family could hold, which she found hilarious! It's so great to see Evie get so much enjoyment out of this toy set, and it's great fun to play it together as a family.


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