Thursday, 16 February 2017

Coping with car journeys with motion sickness

I get awful motion sickness with my various illnesses. I can be sat in the car for only a 5 minute drive and I'm feeling all faint and sick! It's a bit of a nightmare. These are the things I do* to get through car journeys and keep the sickness and dizzy spells (mostly) away.

*These things don't happen when I end up on surprise car journeys. I found myself on a short surprise journey last week and within 5 minutes I was declaring that I felt sick. The driver looked pretty horrified! Luckily I wasn't sick.

Hydrate - I arm myself with a bottle of water, and make sure I sip (and not gulp!) when I feel a bit poorly

Get comfortable - If it's going to be a long journey, I'll take along a pillow. Then I can try to relax and rest. Also good for using as a lumbar support, as sitting too long hurts my back.

Music - Listening and singing along to favourite songs keeps my spirits up, and distracts me.

Headphones - If I can't listen to my own music in the car, I tend to pop my headphones in on my phone and just drift away listening.

Deep breathing exercises - Great for calming

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