Monday, 20 February 2017

Sylvanian Families Pizza Delivery

We were very lucky to get this pizza delivery set from Sylvanian Families. As always when we are sent something to review, the review is our own opinion. I say 'ours' as I am including Evie in this review as the set was sent to her.

So in this set you get the super cute Hedgehog Father, who is the owner of the pizza shop. You Also get his delivery scooter, a menu board, plenty of different pizza slices, pizza boxes, and a pizza cutter.
As always, it takes only 5 minutes to pop the stickers in place. I found folding the pizza boxes in the right way a little bit trickier but my husband had no problems!

Evie loves this set. She loves how soft the hedgehog is, and the fact that he's got a proper little pizza man outfit. Another great thing about the set that Evie personally likes is that the box on the back of the scooter opens up, with perfect space for the pizza boxes, perfect for delivery.


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