Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Disney Magical World 2

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When I want to relax and play a video game, one of my go to games is Disney magical world 2 on the 3DS. Like Disney magical world 1, this game sees you help various Disney characters and travel to a few of their worlds, take part in quests, make clothing & furniture, and run your own Disney cafe. There are also differences to it's previous game. In this game, you collect puzzle pieces to create dream sequences. There are different types of fish, plants, and lots of new clothing and furniture to create or buy. The shop now sells in store only items, as well as items that you can create yourself. The cafe space is now bigger with a stage for dancing, and this time you have your very own house, near Mickey and the rest of the gangs houses!
My favourite part of this game is trying to make as many of the outfits by finding the items during quests. I love that there are so many styles of clothing, and I am loving that there are some pretty amazing mermaid outfits for when you travel to Atlantis to see Ariel (yes, really!).

Dylan and Evie also love playing this game at the weekends. Dylan loves doing the quests, and is much better at them than me. Evie is all about fishing and planting seeds in Rabbits field in the Winnie the Pooh area. There are many more characters and areas in this game but I won't spoil it for you all. It really is such a great game for all Disney fans out there!


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