Friday, 7 April 2017

I love Pusheen!

I got sent these amazing items from Pusheen, and I am feeling like the luckiest person in the world right now, they are so generous to their fans!

How adorable are these Pusheen plushies? They're so soft and I love that they stand up, ideal for standing up on my bedside table. I have kept the pastel unicorn one for myself, Evie has the original Pusheen, and Dylan chose to have the Pusheen with sunglasses. The kids adore them and every day have said goodbye to theirs before leaving for school haha.

This big heart pillow is super soft, and is now taking pride of place in the middle of my pillows on my bed. I really love the pastel mint shade on this one.

Who doesn't need a Pusheen purse?! The wallet has space inside for cards, and a zipped section for coins. The pizza eating Pusheen coin purse is cute and perfect for holding pocket money. I imagine my Evie will be using this one fairly often.

Nice big bath towel! The only way I managed to get Evie to have a bath this morning. Thank you Pusheen!

These badges are going straight on to my jacket!

So happy to get this pyjama set. I'm actually wearing these now, and can confirm they are as comfortable as they look, and are true to size.

Thank you so much Pusheen!


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