Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A person is not gone if they still live in your memories

My gran Pam was an amazing woman. Honest, hard working, and so caring.

Growing up, me and my 3 sisters were often looked after by Gran Pam, as our parents worked full time and often shift work. I have memories of totally getting in the way when we went along with her to peoples homes that she cleaned, and of mucking about with the CB radio that she had at home when she ran her own taxi business in the early '90s. No matter how often we would (all four of us girls) probably get under her busy feet, she never got annoyed. She would find things for us to do. Making collages from old magazines, reading books, trying to make perfume by collecting flowers from the garden and smushing them in a container with water. I remember spending hours simply going through all the odd buttons that she had stored in old biscuit tins (I think they were, could have been tea bag tins). Just pouring out hundreds of the things, in aim to "organise" them. She taught us how fun crafts were!

We learnt to bake over at grans house (it was a bungalow really but it was so big it felt like a house). She showed us to bake bread, biscuits, cakes. I never got the hang of it but it was lovely to have the smell of fresh baked food. And there would always be a biscuit available with a cup of tea at gran Pams!

 She was very much the head of the family down in Cornwall. With everyone coming together at grans for Bonfire nights, where she'd cook so much food, and make toffee apples. No store bought stuff here. Christmases were amazing, and we always listening to see if we could here Father Christmas in the chimney, even before Christmas day! At Halloween we would dress up in all the gorgeous dresses that she had stored away, and put on a little show in the front room, using the curtains as our stage curtains. The un-tuned piano was great for pretending we were great musicians!

 My favourite memories are of the times we would stay over night. She had so much compassion for animals and as well as dogs, she had a fair few cats over the years. Rescued, needing homes. You'd sit down on a cold winter eve, and along a cat would come and jump on your lap. Gran Pam would sit and do her knitting, something would be on tv (I remember watching the vicar of dibley a fair few times), the fire would be crackling away, it was so cosy. She was the constant in our childhood, the stability that we needed.

She passed away in 2012 and there is not a day when I don't think of her or how lucky I was to have had her in my life. I believe everyone she met probably felt that way.


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