Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Pretty new body jewellery

I haven't changed up my piercing jewellery in so long. I really fancied a change for a while but didn't see anything that I really liked. Then I saw ThrowBackAnnie and oh my goodness they have so many pretty things! I ordered a purple septum clicker, I usually just wear silver jeweled ones or a plain silver ring. I'm really happy with the bright colour on this one, it's nice and vibrant. I also ordered a small opal nose stud, and a matching opal labret bar. I recently lost my plain labret bar, so it's nice to have some jewellery back in there before it tries to heal over! Opals are truly gorgeous so I'm really happy to have found a shop selling opal body jewellery.

I was really impressed with how fast my order was dispatched, and how quickly it arrived. The packaging was pretty awesome - a silver holographic bag! I didn't get any photos though as I was so excited to open my order. I know I will definitely be a repeat customer, so next time I'll try and get a shot of that packaging!


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