Saturday, 3 June 2017

Wicked Vision sonic booma review

We had a great time playing with the sonic booma sent to us from Wicked Vision. It got the kids out and playing throughout this half term which has been ideal. Even when it's been a bit rainy, Dylan & Evie have wanted to go to the park to play with it!

When you throw the sonic booma boomerang it makes a noise that according to the kids is "really really cool" and "like a funny bird sound!". It took a bit of practice to get it to return to us, but it was so much fun even when it just flew far and made it's whistling sound. One of the great things about this boomerang, is that you can slightly bend the wings for a lower flight.

Or keep the wings as they are and see how high it can fly!

This is the perfect item for getting you out of the house, and is just so much fun for all!


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