Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Natural skincare for mum & baby

I got sent this amazing box of goodies from Kit & Kin

Kit & Kin was created by Emma Bunton & Christopher Money. Together they have built this brand supplying eco friendly, cruelty free products for both baby and mum.I was really happy to receive this box as I am now 16 weeks pregnant and starting to get bits for the baby, as well as needing a few bits for my changing pregnant body!

I was really impressed first of all with the packaging and labelling. It looks so lovely, and I will also be able to re use the bottles and pot. In fact the actual box and straw type packaging has already been claimed by my 9 year old for his crafting day at school!

The products I received were;

Bubble bath for baby - I've not used this one yet as it's being kept for when baby is here, but it has a nice light natural scent

Hair and body wash for baby - My older children (aged 9 and 7) used some of this for their showers this week, and said that it's left their skin super soft and fresh! So I tried some this morning and I don't think my skin has ever felt so soft after a shower without having to use moisturiser. I think we'll all be buying this in for all of us, and not just using it for the baby

Stretch mark oil - This one I couldn't wait to use. I get stretch marks easily but I'm hoping this may minimise them. It contains 15 natural oils, including sunflower, jojoba, strawberry and mandarin. It left my skin feeling great

Body oil for baby - Non greasy and full of natural oils. This will be ideal for giving baby little massages and keeping the skin soft

Breast balm - The website says this balm "cools, heals, and protects sensitive nipples" and I couldn't agree more. I'm at that stage in pregnancy where everything is growing and honestly, my nipples have already been so sore! The relief once applying this balm is instant.

I also got this totally amazing tote bag featuring Kit & Kin's fox design. Not only do they do these amazing skin products, they make eco friendly nappies featuring adorable animal designs. This fox being one of them! I will be storing all baby's toiletries in the tote bag.

So, if you have a baby, are having a baby, know someone with a baby - I completely recommend checking out Kit & Kin's range!


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  1. I love the little tote bag, it is adorable! I will be checking out Kit and Kin, thank you for the recommendation!