Saturday, 26 August 2017

Dylan and Evie's cuddly toys

Dylan and Evie really wanted me to show you all some of their favourite cuddly toys. So here they are! We do love cuddly toys and plushies in this house. Their two fave ones aren't in this photo as they are so played with that they needed a good wash in the washing machine and were not dry yet!

So up first we have mermaid Hello Kitty. Evie got this one last year, I think from Father Christmas but none of us can quite remember. Evie is a massive Hello Kitty fan and has a few of the different cuddly ones.

Then we have Tabor the white tiger TY beanie. Evie got this just last week from Hawkins Bazaar. It's so soft! She's been taking it everywhere. I've had to talk her out of having it sat next to her at tea times, I just know it'd end up with food all over it.

Heffalump! I got this years ago for both Dylan and Evie when they were really little, like baby and toddler sized. It's looking a little tired now but still gets played with, althouth mainly by Evie now.

Then last but not least, we have Tauri the cat TY beanie. This one is Dylan's that he also bought from Hawkins Bazaar. He loves this cat so much! Dylan's favourite animal are cats, anything with a cat on and he wants it. Tauri is super soft. I love the glittery eyes that Tauri and Tabor have.

My Minnie Mouse cushion is also in this photo. Although not a cuddly toy, it is very cuddly and I love it! I got this from Primark a little while back.

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