Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Evie's gift for our baby

Dylan and Evie are both really excited about having a new brother. With baby being due in December it's not really that long to go now! We went in to our local Mothercare recently as I wanted to buy a few essentials that were currently in the sales, and of course have a good browse.

Evie saw this gorgeous unicorn and told us that she really wanted us to get it for the baby, as a gift from her. She said she just knows he will love it, because who doesn't love a unicorn? She's not wrong! I am so happy at how much both of the kids love this little baby, and it's so cute that Evie wanted to buy a gift. I am loving the pastel colours, I honestly think this is the most beautiful unicorn I have ever seen.

We are starting to decorate our room next week, getting it ready for the baby's arrival. We need to repaint, and then rearrange furniture so that the cot will fit. Then this beautiful unicorn will sit in the cot, waiting for baby! Obviously when he is born this will be more room decor or us holding it and playing with it with the baby until the baby is a bit older. I wouldn't want to risk him getting the fluffy tail in his mouth.

This gorgeous plush unicorn cost £12 and is available here.
Oh and the best part? When we looked at the little tag around it's neck, we saw that the Unicorn was called Evie!



  1. Congratulations, first of all! Really hoping everything goes smooth and fine. I love the pretty pastel colors of the unicorn. And did i tell how cute that tail is? The colors are stunning.