Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Recent Barry M purchase

I have been a big massive fan of Barry M for so many years, and probably always will be! I haven't treated myself to any new makeup from them in a little while, so while I was out and about in town the other week I decided to buy a few things that caught my eye.

So many pretties to choose from in the shops, but these are all items I had not yet tried.
Here I have;
  • Gelly nail paint - Green Berry
  • Glitter Rush body glitter - Desert Bronze
  • Fine Glitter Dust - Crimson Pink
  • Lip Liner - Toast
The green berry nail varnish is such a lovely colour. I feel so summery with it on! I found it doesn't chip too easily either which is brilliant. I also found it to be pretty quick drying, again brilliant. I am one of these people that will pop a coat of nail paint on and then immediately my body will decide I need to pee. Which is a bit of a nightmare with wet nails.

I like to put the desert bronze body glitter over my bronzer on my face, and then add a little to my collar bones. It's so shimmery but not as full on as other thicker glitters. But when the light hits it, wow!

I flippin' love the crimson glitter dust! I have been using it as an eyeshadow but just actually read on the sticker on the bottom it is not for eyes - oops! I also like to use this as a very sparkly blusher/highlight.

The toast lip liner I had planned on using with my nude matte lipsticks. However I have mostly been using it on it's own, colouring my lips entirely with it as if it were a lipstick. It's such a gorgeous colour, doesn't dry my lips out as much as some of my matte lip colours I own, and as it's a lip liner, it doesn't budge easily!

Oh Barry M, as always, I heart you!


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  1. I want to try the crimson dust, sounds lovely! I do like a bit of Barry M, it's my 'treat' purchase when it comes to make-up as I'm not a regular user.x