Thursday, 12 October 2017

Glitter wishlist

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Everyone who knows me knows I have a deep love for anything glittery. I love a good sparkle! Not only for how amazing glitter looks, but I also actually love looking at it as a distraction when I have overwhelming anxiety. I always tend to have at least one thing on my person that is super sparkly and if I'm struggling I'll try and concentrate on the glitter in the sunlight. I've always been a huge fan of glitter, it just makes me feel that little bit happier. I wonder if it's because I grew up in the nineties, that stuff was everywhere! So here are some of my current faves that are super glittery.

Purple Glitter Mini Backpack - £25.99

I am so in love with this backpack. I love the purple glitter, I've not seen many purple glitter items out there so this is a nice change. The colour of this glitter bag also makes me think of space.

Silver glitter ballet pumps - £11.99

Glittery shoes are my thing! I've had many different type of shoes over the years that are glittery in some way. I'm a fan of these style of glitter shoes when it comes to festive gatherings, they're the perfect thing to make an outfit look that extra special.  I would wear these with a nice dress and tights.

Glitter bomb pen - £10.00 

This ballpoint pen is so luxurious looking and makes doing paper work look way more appealing. 

Medusas Make-Up Pegasus glitter - £5.99 

Medusa's makeup is a vegan brand. They have a wide range of different products and colours. Pegasus Glitter is a beautiful purple fine loose glitter. Great for any time you want sparkle, which is every day if you're like me!

Have you seen any extra special glittery items that have caught your eye lately?


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  1. Wonderful Glitter wishlist you have. All the accessories are super cool and so classy at the same time. I am loving all of these and thank you for posting this for us.