Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Pregnancy excitement and worries

I am now coming in to my 29th week of pregnancy. I am a mixture of absolute happiness and excitement, and nerves and worry. So far in this pregnancy everything has gone quite smoothly really. Although I did end up in the maternity assessment unit a few weeks back due to a suspected lung clot - luckily it seems like it was a pulled muscle or painful rib.

My Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder can make pregnancy a bit more tricky and there are a few things I have to be careful of. I've already had two children with not many issues in  pregnancy - but each pregnancy is different and my condition has worsened over the years. So it's been playing on my mind. As my joints are already super bendy, I have to be even more careful of dislocation and muscle and joint pain/damage, there could also be complications in labour as I have rapid births and tear easily. I've been very nervous of my condition, especially in the early stages when my body started to change. However it's not really been any worse until very recently. I'm now finding sleep very difficult as my hips hurt so much, and using pillows so far is just causing me to dislocate! So I'm having to just try and ease the hip pains with hot water bottles, massage, and rolling frequently on to my other side once one hip starts to hurt more than the other. Not ideal, but with only just over two months to go, I'm feeling grateful it didn't start up much sooner.

A big thing that I was concerned about was what if I needed an emergency c-section. Local anesthetic doesn't work on me at all. As I've had Dylan and Evelyn without problems in labour, they believe I should be fine to have a vaginal birth. However if I need an unplanned c-section, I wanted to ensure that they all know local won't work. I was given an appointment with the anesthetist and I was so glad to hear that she already knew a lot about Ehlers Danlos and Hypermobility and how a fair amount of us don't react to local. She assured me that if it was needed at all, they would attempt a spinal block and do all the checks regularly and be able to top it up to make sure I won't be able to feel a thing. She also said if it still made me nervous, they would be fine to just immediately give me a general anesthetic (when you are completely asleep) as I've already had surgery and know that that does work for me. She wrote all of this in my pregnancy notes and put a big yellow sticker on the front so it won't be missed that this is part of the birth plan if c-setion is needed. I am so relieved that we were able to have this meeting quite early on as obviously it was a big worry! I had to have stitches after I gave birth to Dylan and the local didn't work at all. It ended up being more painful than the birth itself.

Over the years I've also had quite a few early miscarraiges which has been heartbreaking. This was a huge worry in the first trimester. So now I feel extra lucky to be able to say here we are with this baby growing happily. We're approaching his due date and things are going well. He is measuring right on track for his stage, he's got a little routine going on where he's super active and kicking about. He even reacts when we talk to him which is amazing! When CHris puts his hands on my bump, the baby actually moves towards his hands, like he's cuddling in. I am trying to focus on all of this on days when I get a bit too anxious about the what ifs, which are easy to get lost in at times.

Tomorrow I am hoping that we'll rearrange the furniture in our room so we can get his little moses basket set up! It'll be exciting to see it up and ready for him. I also realised the other day that there's still a lot of things I need to get. I need a changing mat for him, a changing station as I know my back won't be able to handle the constant bending for nappy changes without one. Also need to get a hospital bag sorted and all the bits for myself - nursing nighties, a nightie to wear during labour, maternity pads and so on.

December isn't that far away. I am so looking forward to meeting baby and having that first cuddle.


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