Monday, 27 November 2017

BenQ e-reading desk lamp

I was sent this item to review, all opinions are my own.

I absolutely love how minimalist this BenQ e-reading desk lamp makes my desk look.  I love it's sleek design. It has a sturdy, heavy base which means there is no danger of this lamp tipping over at all. It's long curved light means that it spreads light further than other lights and lights up my whole computer screen and desk.

Another fantastic feature is that to turn it on, you simply touch the metal ring. Touch the metal ring for 2 seconds and it enters a e-reading mode that reduces glare from your desktop/laptop etc's screen. There's also a dial on top of the lamp that allows you to manually adjust the brightness of the lamp. As a family we have not only used this for computer based work but it's allowed our children to sit and do homework in the evenings with a much better lighting.

The head of the lamp is adjustable, as well as the arm attached to the base being able to rotate. This means wherever you need the light, you've got it. The lamp is available in blue, green, gold, or red, as well as the silver coloured lamp which is the one I received.

I have a 10% discount (valid until 31st March 2018) for my readers to use at the BenQ Webstore using the voucher code: BENQ10EF

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