Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Possibly the best face mask

I was really lucky to be sent this rose and argan moisture mask from the lovely people at Amie. Amie are a skincare brand that create products that not only work really well, but are natural and kind to your skin. I've used some of their other items before and loved them and gone on to repurchase when I've run out. So I was very excited to test this one out!

My first impressions were how gorgeous the packaging looks. I love the gold! It's a mixture of luxury and simplistic. I was also very happy to see it clearly labelled as suitable for vegans. It's always nice when things are clearly labelled so you don't have to work out ingredients lists.

The super-renewing moisture mask doesn't have a strong scent, in fact I couldn't smell anything. This is such a positive point for me as I'm not the biggest fan of putting something on my face that is heavily perfumed. To use you simply apply a thin layer on your face, and wash off with water after ten minutes or so. I left mine on longer than that as I settled down to watch a bit of tv. When I rinsed it off it was immediately noticeable just how soft my face felt compared to before using this. It really did feel baby soft! The best thing is that that super soft feeling lasted for days so it wasn't a case where you apply something and next day your skins back to normal. I'm totally in love with this mask and will certainly carry on using it!


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